Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Professor's New Clothes

Kes is a good friend of mine but is one of the most unlucky people I have ever known. He is the kind of guy that, upon dropping a piece of toast, not only would it land butter side down, it would land upon his most expensive suit. His only suit. Just before his wedding. Ten minutes before his wedding.

You get the picture. One of his worst (and best from a purely sadistic point of view) anecdotes is his version of the Emperor's New Clothes, or rather, Professor's. So Kes had started a new job and early on in his new position his boss, the absent minded Professor, had came in to speak to him about obtaining money for a new camcorder. During the conversation he began calling Kes Ernshaw, Kes Blythe. However, rather than correct him (being eternally shy) he went with it and continued to respond to the name. Some time after he was asked to sign an expense form for the purchased camera. Which he signed. K Blythe. Later, another gentlemen entered the office, a Mr M Blythe to which his mad professor boss joked, you two could be brothers! Yes he chuckled how very true.

The lesson here - don't commit fraud unless it is in someone else's name. Though if your name is Kes Blythe, he's terribly sorry.


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